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AgentThread Red screen of death
~Samuel Opkiteroopsi 11/12/2009 05:41 PM
Notes Client 7.0.3 Windows XP

I have a java agent calling a method in a script library to do the majority of the processing. The process basically parses an XML document and uploads the data to a file on our AS400 by JDBC, there might be any number of records from as low as 1 to as high as 200+. Then the agent recycles agentContext and session. For some reason afterwards I keep getting the dreaded red screen of death. I've tried the process on another PC running Notes client 8.5.1 and I don't get this problem, only seems to happen in Notes 7 or earlier. The PC running release 7 has about 512MB of memory, others running release 7 have 1024MB of memory and experience the same problem.

I found this link that explains how to dump some thread group information for clues as to what threads might be hung up. The result of which only turned up one thread running, the AgentThread.

Here's the result of the thread dump:

ThreadGroup UTG: JavaAgent objid=2137297889
total threads=1

Thread name, ThreadID, ThreadGroup
AgentThread: JavaAgent, 1683870690, UTG: JavaAgent

Your help is appreciated.

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